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Metallized Powder Products

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A bubble chart showing toughness and hardness
A microscopic view of a TCHP particle

Our Technology

The Eternaloy® HNT products are produced using patented Tough-Coated Hard Powder (TCHP) technology that enables the precision coating of extremely small hard particles with a tough protective shell and a very thin and strong binder layer. When sintered or applied as a surface coating, the tough outer layers chemically bond in the sintered article or deposited coating, combining high strength, heat resistance, and toughness of cemented carbides with the chemical and abrasion wear resistance of the harder core particles. This game-changing technology establishes an entirely new class of powered metals with extreme combinations of hardness, toughness, and wear-resistance over a wide temperature range.

Our Products

EternAloy® HNT products have extreme combined hardness and toughness properties that provide exceptional wear-resistance performance for a wide range of high-value applications. We precisely coat 2-50 micrometer-sized hard core particles of any shape with 50-500 nanometer-thin tough coatings to deliver world-class value to our customers.

EternAloy’s patented Tough-Coated Hard Powder (TCHP) technology produces metallized powders that can be sintered into solid body shapes or applied as surface coatings to deliver unsurpassed wear-resistance performance in many high-value cutting tool and surface coating applications. Custom material combinations can also be produced on a toll basis for specific customer application requirements.

Surface coating powder
Surface Coating
Carbide inserts
Custom TCHP powders
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